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We are not a company. We are a family.

It all began in the cool summer of 1980, when Mauro decided to make wine from the grapes of the few vineyards around the winery, left to him by his father.

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Our Story

A story of wine, love and sustainability.

"I still remember those years. They were more difficult economically but we were happy. Nature was strong and gave us its abundance every day.

I built the Campàro company slowly. There was something I didn't like about the method everyone was using. So I experimented with new, more ecological cultivation techniques. And as my confidence grew, so did the production.

I started by selling the wine in bulk and before long I was able to bottle it directly in my father's cellar. It was a very strong emotion that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

A new awareness.

In 1995 I took an important step forward by acquiring a vineyard of Nebbiolo da Barolo in the municipality of Grinzane Cavour.

And just 5 years later we became part of an even bigger and more special family: that of organic certification.

Thanks to the sweat of those years I was able to give a greater value to what my father had built but which now belonged to the past: completely eliminating treatments that are harmful to the planet and to our health.

Today, beautiful colourful flowers grow among the vines and there are plenty of pollinating insects.

It is true, that it is only 8 hectares of land, but only when I find myself inside that little piece of the universe do I really feel at home.

What nature gives me every day of my life. To me and to all my family.

Mauro Drocco

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We want to create a different world. Create communities of people who want to speak out against the climate crisis and a failed and divisive development model. Join us in this change.

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Our way of regenerating the planet

Our Ecosystem

The organic method and sustainable.

Discover our regenerative method behind every sip of Campàro wine.

Our products and collections.

Discover our collections of organic wines and agricultural products.

The organic farm and hospitality.

We are preparing a unique experience here in our home. In the Unesco heritage area: the Langhe.

Our Collections

Here is our biodiversity

Wine is not all the same. We produce it using one of nature's oldest survival strategies: biodiversity.

Nebbiolo D'Alba


Diano D'Alba




Langhe Rosso


Barbera d'Alba


Langhe Bianco


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Discover what we do every day inside our Campàro company. Here in the wonderful territory of the Langhe.